Majority of British people support "Brexit by any means", poll finds


A Government source said Downing Street anticipated that Monday September 9 - when MPs are likely to discuss the report in the Commons - could be the first major legislative showdown over a no-deal Brexit.

The source assumes the European Union will wait until after that date before engaging in further negotiations.

It appears to confirm that Corbyn will table a motion of no confidence in the Government nearly immediately after the summer recess.

That's because under an amendment to Northern Ireland legislation forced through by rebels last month, the government is required to make a statement on September 4 about progress toward restoring the Northern Ireland Executive, and hold a debate five days later. Reality Check unpacks the basics.

In calls with Portuguese premier Antonio Costa and his Belgian counterpart Charles Michel, Johnson said any deal must abolish the so-called Irish backstop, a fall-back position created to keep the border with Ireland - the U.K.'s land frontier with the European Union - free of checks.

However on Monday, the Institute for Government (IFG) has cautioned that there are "limited opportunities" to do so again this time.

"Both the Prime Minister and the Taoiseach have said that they want to meet and that meeting needs to be scheduled now", he said.

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The think tank noted that another route to block no deal - defeating the PM in a no-confidence vote - might not succeed. "Even if he doesn't go ahead and have an election in the autumn, he's clearing the ground".

But more than 70 MPs and peers have launched a legal bid, asking that the Court of Session in Edinburgh rules it "unlawful and unconstitutional" to prorogue, or suspend, Parliament as an attempt to stop MPs blocking a no-deal Brexit.

At the Court of Session in Edinburgh, Judge Raymond Doherty said a substantive hearing should take place September 6 on a claim by more than 70 parliamentarians that sending lawmakers home before October 31 would be "unlawful and unconstitutional".

The legal petition is also supported by the Good Law Project, which won a victory at the European Court of Justice past year over whether the United Kingdom could unilaterally cancel Brexit by revoking Article 50.

Speaking following a meeting with Mr Johnson during a visit to London, John Bolton said the USA could focus on striking bilateral trade deals in certain sectors like manufacturing and car-making where the two countries may agree, and work out more complicated areas later.

He also suggested that Washington would propose an accelerated series of trade deals, completed on a "sector-by-sector" basis.

Just weeks after he succeeded Theresa May as British prime minister, Boris Johnson is already facing a possible vote of no confidence.