Hong Kong protests today


On Monday, protesters descended on the Hong Kong airport, one of the largest in the world, to voice their concerns. "I will be responsible [for] rebuilding Hong Kong's economy, to listen as attentively as possible to my people's grievances and try to help Hong Kong to move on", she said.

Police said they had not received a formal application for the airport protest and warned against violence or disruptions that could endanger public safety.

Protesters are demanding full withdrawal of the bill, amnesty for all demonstrators arrested in relation to the unrest, a retraction of the government's characterization of the protests as "riots", an independent inquiry into allegations of police use of force, and universal suffrage, which is promised in the territory's charter.

In June, Hong Kong saw its biggest demonstration since the sit-in protests over proposed electoral reforms brought the city to a standstill five years ago.

Flagship carrier Cathay Pacific said it had cancelled more than 200 inbound and outbound flights, and would run only a limited number for connecting passengers.

Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam has warned anti-government protesters not to push the city into an "abyss", in an emotional press conference on Tuesday.

Protesters wave flags at the Hong Kong International Airport, Monday, Aug. 12, 2019. One video shows individuals who are believed to be police officers pushing protesters down a moving escalator, while other reports suggest that police fired tear gas inside an enclosed Hong Kong subway station. "We certainly call on China to be very careful and very respectful in how it deals with people who have legitimate concerns in Hong Kong".

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"Violence, no matter if it's using violence or condoning violence, will push Hong Kong down a path of no return, will plunge Hong Kong society into a very worrying and unsafe situation", Lam said. "I didn't make any plans for Hong Kong", said Chakravarti, who had a carry-on bag with laptop, charger and an extra shirt while the rest of his luggage already was checked in on his Singapore Airlines flight.

Around 50 protesters remained camped in the terminals on Tuesday morning, while more than 100 passengers were spotted queuing at Cathay's ticket counter, Reuters news agency reported.

In a statement, the airport said operations had been "seriously disrupted" by the public assembly.

Thousands of people swarmed inside the worldwide airport as the city braces for more violence between pro-democracy activists and riot police.

"Hong Kong people will not be the loser, because they are on the right side of history".

On Friday, China's Civil Aviation Administration said it will ban Cathay Pacific staff from supporting or participating in "illegal demonstrations, protests and violent attacks, as well as those who have had radical behaviours" from working on flights.

After two months, the protests have become increasingly divisive and prompted clashes across the city. "I felt like I was walking around and nobody gave us information".