Gmail Is Rolling Out Smarter Grammar Tools


Google's autocorrect feature has been available for regular Gmail users for a while now, but this feature is now beginning to roll out for G Suite users too. Today Google has started rolling out some improved grammar correction and spell check tools for Gmail.

Corrections will apply to "common spelling mistakes" users often make, Google said in a blog post.

If you're a G Suite user or admin, you don't have to do anything.

To do this, just go to Settings in Gmail, click on General, and disable Grammar, Spelling, and Autocorrect.

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Google says that Gmail will use artificial intelligence to make spell-check suggestions and it will also detect potential grammar issues.

Google Docs has had this facility as an option for a while, but rolling it out to the entire G Suite, and most specifically GMail is a big step. For autocorrection, spellings are automatically fixed as you type along and this feature is now only available in English.

The feature is optional, and you can undo auto-corrected text if you move quickly. And even if English is your main thing, writing emails can sometimes be tedious and time-consuming so this should buy you a few more seconds or minutes. Clicking this identified error will change it to the suggested correction.

Squiggly red lines will appear under words that the AI thinks are misspellings, while blue squiggly lines are for words that are deemed to be grammatical flubs. (You can turn it off by following the steps here.) Right now, it's being gradually rolled out over the next 15 days.