Flight attendant arrested after passenger concern: She ‘appears to be quite drunk’


A flight attendant working a route between Chicago and South Bend, IN was arrested after passengers complained about her behavior while in flight.

A flight attendant was so severely intoxicated she was stumbling all over the cabin and ended up passing out in her seat for most of the flight, with alarmed passengers having to fasten her seatbelt for her. "This is appalling." Although Scherb noted that he wanted the woman disciplined, he said that he didn't want her to lose her job.

"The pilots called the flight attendant via the internal phone before taking off to get the "all clear"/cabin secure message from her, but it took several audible rings before she picked up the phone", Scherb said.

United Airlines said the regional airline Air Wisconsin operated the flight - one of the airlines enveloped in the "United Express" brand.

March was arrested and taken to St. Joseph County Jail, according to airport logs. Her next court date is scheduled for August 29.

"A few passengers reported they felt scared for their lives based upon the apparent condition of Ms. March", charging documents detailed, as per the Tribune.

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Passenger Aaron Scherb tweeted United saying March was slurring her speech, couldn't walk straight and she fell asleep in the jump seat.

"Please reach out to Air Wisconsin for their statement about their flight attendant". "While breathalyzers hopefully aren't needed on airplanes, given the recent incidents with alcohol involving pilots and flight attendants, it might be something that airlines have to consider".

Furthermore, Schreb claimed that a rep for United contacted him on August 2 and offered a $500 voucher or 25,000 miles for the trouble, plus a refund for that segment of his trip.

"Our flight attendant appears to be quite drunk", he wrote online. Scherb said he had not accepted the offer. A spokesperson told the newspaper, "We will continue to cooperate with local authorities and assist them as necessary".

She was given a breathalyser test, which found her alcohol level to be 0.204 - five times the 0.04 legal limit for flight attendants and others working in aviation.