El Paso gunman Patrick Crusius confessed to cops that he targeted 'Mexicans'


The records provided additional details regarding the arrest of the shooter, 21-year-old Patrick Crusius.

The affidavit from Detective Adrian Garcia said Crusius waived his right to remain silent and, after being taken into police custody, "The defendant stated his target (was) Mexicans". But an attorney for his family said Thursday they never heard Crusius express the kind of racist and anti-immigrant views that were posted online.

About 20 minutes before the rampage with a semi-automatic weapon, Crusius, who is white, posted a four-page white supremacist "manifesto" on the online forum 8chan that railed against Hispanics.

Just hours later, a gunman wearing body armor and a mask opened fire in a crowded neighborhood in Dayton, Ohio, killing nine people, including his own sister. CNN cited three anonymous sources with knowledge of the investigation in its report, but noted El Paso police wouldn't comment on their accounts.

Friends and family gather for the visitation of Juan Velazquez five days after a mass shooting at a Walmart store in El Paso, Texas, U.S. August 8, 2019.

He could face the death penalty on charges of capital murder.

The vehicle he emerged from on Saturday was about a half mile from the Walmart, stopped on a street that essentially divides shopping areas from residential areas.

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During questioning, police say, the alleged shooter confessed that he planned the rampage and drove almost 10 hours from Allen, Texas, to the border city with the intention of targeting "Mexicans".

Ayres claimed that the mother's inquiry was "informational" in nature and the call was not made because she believed he posed a threat to anyone.

Trump, who visited the kin of shooting victims in both El Paso and Dayton, had called for tighter reforms, ranging from a background check on gun buyers to amendments in the immigration legislation.

In a statement provided to several media outlets, the family said, "Patrick's actions were apparently influenced and informed by people we do not know, and from ideas and beliefs we do not accept or condone".

Federal authorities have said they're treating the shooting as a case of domestic terrorism.

More than two dozen people were wounded in the attack.

The gunman confessed to officers while he was surrendering and later explained that he had been targeting Mexicans.