Ebola deaths in east DRC outbreak top 2,000


Many Congolese young people attend school across the border where job and education opportunities are greater.

In July it was declared a global emergency and there have been circumstances reported in neighbouring Uganda, together with a nine-year-old woman who examined optimistic for Ebola on Thursday, after travelling to the nation from the DRC.

Ugandan authorities believe she did not have contact with any Ugandan.

People coming from Congo have their temperature measured to screen for symptoms of Ebola, at the Mpondwe border crossing with Congo, in western Uganda.

However, cross-border contamination between DR Congo and Uganda has been rare.

The World Health Organization (WHO) reacted to the latest Ebola figures by calling for the "full force" of all partners to address "one of the largest and most complex humanitarian crises in the world".

The disease is spread by contact with infected bodily fluids and is fought with the time-honoured but laborious techniques of tracing contacts and quarantining them.

According to Uganda's Ministry of Health, the child was identified by the Point of Entry screening team with symptoms including high fever, body weakness, rash and unexplained mouth bleeding.

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The victim had travelled to Uganda on Wednesday from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to receive treatment for Ebola.

The number of overall cases rose to 3,004.

Regarding the six recent cases from Mwenga health zone in South Kivu province, the WHO said all involve family members of one of the recent cases.

I was in the Democratic Republic of Congo at the start of the Ebola outbreak.

The new case is likely to heighten fears of the outbreak, which has largely been confined to eastern DRC, spilling over into neighbouring countries. Uganda has had multiple outbreaks of Ebola and hemorrhagic fevers since 2000.

The death toll from Democratic Republic of Congo's year-long Ebola outbreak has climbed above 2,000, government data showed on Friday, as responders battle to overcome community mistrust and widespread security problems.

"Our commitment also means strengthening the health systems to give them all the other things they need".