Danny Trejo Saves Baby Trapped in Vehicle After Car Wreck


Trejo, who appears in the new "Dora" movie, also said he tried to calm the child like a superhero. With the help of another bystander, Monica Jackson, they were able to free the child. So the other woman crawled into the auto through the opposite side and undid the seatbelt, and Trejo was able to crawl inside as well and take the boy.

The screen star then took it upon himself to distract the child while emergency services worked at freeing the grandmother. "I told him to flex with his muscles, and he said, 'muscles.' I just kept the 'superpowers" game going and he flexed until we got away from there.

"The only thing that saved the little kid was his vehicle seat", Trejo was overheard telling a photographer on the scene.

Although three people involved in the accident were brought to the hospital, none sustained any life-threatening injury. While the cause of the accident is unknown, Trejo allegedly claimed that one driver ran a red light.

"Everything good that has happened to me has happened as a direct result of helping someone else", Trejo said.

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The 75-year-old actor immediately jumped out of his own vehicle and rushed to the family trapped inside of the overturned auto. "OKAY, we have to use our superpowers".

"If he wasn't wearing his vehicle seat, I think he would have died", he said.

"We got kind of a bond", he recalled fondly.

"Pay attention", he said.

The 75-year-old Trejo, an LA native, is best known for playing the character Machete in the Spy Kids series, and later in the far more grown up films Grindhouse, Machete, and Machete Kills.