Bill Romanowski Says No Way Antonio Brown Retires, 'Cuckoo' To Believe That


I'm excited, and I got some plays for him.

The report said the AIR Advantage hasn't been produced since 2011, so that gives Brown a two-year window of helmets that would still abide by the NFL's rules.

Brown had been seeking to wear a helmet model that was discontinued by the manufacturer and was not certified by the national governing body because it was more than 10 years old, according to a person familiar with the case. It was reported last week that Brown would stop playing football if he was no longer allowed to wear his old helmet, one that is 10 years old and is no longer approved by the league.

Brown's unpredictable nature, and an ESPN report that he threatened retirement over the helmet issue, heightened the attention surrounding Brown's absence from Raiders camp. He was not around the team at all last week because of the helmet matter. Brown is also not allowed to show up to practice with out-dated equipment as he and the Raiders can be fined for the violation. Brown recently revealed pictures of the injured feet, and head coach Jon Gruden defended the receiver saying the incident "was not his fault".

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Brown has tried the new certified helmet out and believes it protrudes out and interferes with his vision as he tries to catch the football. I can't say I agree with all of them, certainly, but I support this guy.

Expect Brown to wear an approved helmet when he returns from that injury. However, some of the older models can no longer stand up to the rigorous safety testing the league requires. I'm excited. I've got some plays for him.

Antonio Brown suggested he will rejoin the Raiders soon after losing his grievance against the NFL.