Yadier Molina Rips Jake Marisnick For Dirty Slide That KO'D Angels Catcher


Los Angeles Angels catcher Jonathan Lucroy was carted off the field and hospitalized Sunday after a violent collision with Houston's Jake Marisnick in the eighth inning.

Manfred noted that the rule was implemented specifically so such collisions can be avoided. Today, the Angels announced that Lucroy suffered a concussion and a fractured nose. Obviously, significant injuries like that are the last thing that anyone wants to see. He hasn't played since, and while he told the website he was feeling "great", Cervelli said that when he returned to action, it would be with a glove, not a catcher's mitt, in his hand.

Even if Marisnick didn't intend on running over Lucroy - and that's debatable - the league is still likely to suspend him.

It's entirely possible that Marisnick will be fined and/or suspended as a result of this play.

The umpires called Marisnick out under the home plate collision rule.

From what I saw, and I could be wrong by some, it looked like Lucroy was still inside the foul line, but he was expecting the throw from Calhoun to bounce and hit his glove outside the line for him to recover and tag Marisnick.

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After the game, Marisnick tweeted well-wishes for Lucroy. The call was right.

Manager AJ Hinch said Marisnick certainly didn't intend to injure Lucroy. Marisnick's upper body collided with Lucroy's upper body. That decision got another player hurt and I feel very bad.

"I watched the play again and it looks - he just drops right in front of me and once I kind of made a decision, it was too late", he said. Posting a screenshot of the controversial play at the plate on Instagram, Molina encouraged Major League Baseball to take action against Marisnick and called out Marisnick for not sliding. However, the play was reviewed and the ruling was overturned.

The Houston Astros will be visiting the Cardinals later this month for a series.

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