Xbox One July 2019 Update Includes Upgraded Alexa Commands


You can find a complete list of Alexa voice commands for Xbox Game Pass here. Any progress you make or achievements you unlock will carry forward to the full version - should you wish to buy it once the Free Play Days weekend is over.

"Team Xbox has been busy cooking up new features for the July 2019 Xbox Update, which begins rolling out today", Microsoft announced.

Based on the rumors shared on the web by Microsoft insider and analyst Brad Sams, the leaders of the Redmond house are planning an "entry level" version of Xbox Scarlett based on xCloud, the new in-game streaming service scheduled for release later this year. That being said, there are plenty more things that we still don't know about the game pass.

The new Games Pass update also adds new Alexa commands for fans to check out. This is a simple, but very helpful new addition, as Game Pass previously only allowed members to browse the entire catalogue every time they want to download a new game.

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This can be managed through your Xbox or the Game Pass mobile app.

Alexa's Xbox Skill has also been improved as well, including more supported countries (Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, and Spain) and new voice commands, like what's new to Game Pass, what's leaving, and more. With the July update, the Xbox One now supports commands like "Alexa, ask Xbox what are my friends playing?".

Middle-earth Shadow of War, My Time at Portia and Undertale were added to the service on July 4.

With all the different games available on the Game Pass library and more to come, seeing it fill out and become more robust is always a good sight, especially since it's a money-saver for gamers on a budget.