Walmart to launch major sale - one day ahead of Amazon Prime Day


Amazon Prime Day kicks off at midnight, but Amazon has just shoved out a load of deals on its own devices 12 hours early. Only Prime members are able to enjoy access to the entire sale.

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You can use Prime Now on Prime Day to get two-hour delivery even if you don't plan on spending $35.

Target will also join the sale frenzy this week, running "deal days" on Monday and Tuesday, the same dates as Prime Day. More than 100 million people are Amazon Prime Members globally, as of past year. However, if you are not a Prime Member, you can still participate in Prime Day event.

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Walmart meanwhile is expected to launch big online promotions for electronics, appliances and other items over a four-day period starting Sunday, touting the fact that, unlike Amazon, it does not require an annual membership. Whether you're on your laptop, iPhone, Android smartphone or jamming out on your Alexa-enabled speakers, here are all the apps and websites you should visit during Prime Day.

It started as a simple sales promotion, but Amazon's Prime Day has now morphed into a major phenomenon joined by scores of retailers jockeying with the U.S. colossus for a bigger slice of the e-commerce pie. This gives us a good idea of what pricing we can expect during the event on some of Amazon's hardware. For instance, you can get the 64GB iPhone XR model for Rs 49,999 (currently available for Rs 59,990) during Prime Day 2019. By breaking the list you actually want, it will only help you avoid impulse purchases. Traditionally priced at $149.99, it's $50 off and at an all-time price low.

As shoppers stock up on discounted products this week, Amazon warehouse workers in Shakopee, Minnesota, are holding a six-hour walkout strike.