Video obtained of former Seahawk Malik McDowell's police altercation


The officer, who was noticeably smaller, tried to take McDowell to the ground, but it didn't work until the two men got into a scuffle that knocked food all over the place.

What then entails is a wild brawl as the officer tries to handcuff McDowell while grappling with the 6'6', 360-pound defensive tackle.

The free agent and former Michigan State defensive tackle was pulled over after authorities reportedly witnessed his jeep spinning out while speeding.

"After several back and forths, McDowell, at 6'6", stands up and walks into the gas station convenience store while the officer attempts to arrest him.

Seconds after the officer approaches McDowell, he is instructed by the athlete to call his supervisor to the scene.

Another officer eventually provided backup to assist in subduing McDowell and later wrote in her police report that McDowell "grabbed for my gun as I was trying to grab his arm". However, McDowell refuses, and continues inside the convenience store. He then refuses to give his license and instead requests to keep up a correspondence to the officer's "supervisor". Though, the taser did not seem to hinder McDowell. Not only that, the police officer claimed that McDowell attempted to reach for his gun during the skirmish.

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McDowell was arrested on disorderly conduct charges in Atlanta in December 2017 after he reportedly emptied liquor bottles into a bucket at a night club after complaining that he wasn't given the VIP service he said he paid for.

According to the police report, McDowell had a BAC of.18, just shy of being super drunk in MI.

McDowell, who played at Michigan State and was born in Detroit, has a court date regarding that incident set for July 28. He suffered serious injuries in an ATV accident before the start of training camp his rookie season. However, the former football player appears unaffected, and he attacks the officer again, and another unequal wrestling match ensues.

However, in July 2017 he was injured in an ATV accident and never played for the Seahawks, becoming the highest drafted player to never play a single National Football League match in the team's history, according to the Seattle Times. Now there's video to prove it what exactly went down.

This happened in Lathrup Village according to TMZ. TMZ was the first to report the video.