UK PM May says she will leave disappointed after Brexit failure


As part of the same incredible interview by Andrew Neil for BBC in which Boris Johnson claimed he thinks the backstop should be "removed" and resolved later, Neil also asked some relatively easy questions about trading plans for the United Kingdom following a no-deal Brexit. But also a degree of disappointment because there was more that I wanted to do. "A decision was taken - just get on with it - and they are not in that same polarised way that Parliament has been about this issue", she said.

"What I had underestimated was that there were people who were in entrenched positions", she said. Everyone knows that." "I think that every person who considers the evidence that companies have given, whether it's in the automotive sector, whether it's in the food sector, whether it's in aerospace, whether it's in industries up and down the country.

"In order to close down parliament the prime minister would have to go to her Majesty the Queen and ask for her permission to prorogue", he said.

Mrs Could well would no longer be drawn on whether she turn out to be once planning to wait on Mr Hunt or Mr Johnson as her replace, announcing superb that "they realize the responsibility that this job brings".

And she called for a more discipline in government after years of leaks and political disagreements inside her cabinet: "Good government depends on collective responsibility".

While wishing her successor well, she said she would continue to argue that leaving the European Union "with a good deal" was vital. "It needs to return".

In some unspecified time in the future of the interview, Mrs Could well opened up about existence in Downing Avenue and the emotional strains of the job, recalling the "chilling" second she turn out to be once told relating to the Manchester Arena bombing in 2017.

She said she did not regret calling a snap general election during the same year, in which she ended up losing her Commons majority.

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"I regret running a campaign that wasn't really me", she said.

He added: "I think that unfortunately what I said on that TV debate was misrepresented to Kim".

This will also be the first time a sitting British Prime Minister has been chosen by party members.

Mrs Could well said she turn out to be once blissful with "championing some causes that in any other case will doubtless be retro", such because the battle against fresh slavery and domestic violence and psychological health reinforce.

"Brexit has taken up a lot of people's thinking, but actually there's an enormous amount that has been done behind that".

"I've always done what I believe to be in the national interest", May said.

Conservative members are this month in the process of selecting a new party leader - who will nearly certainly become prime minister - with the victor to be announced on July 23.

During the exchanges, Mr Johnson said it would be "insane, now", to say the government might not deliver Brexit by Oct 31, in a hint that he could be prepared to accept a delay at a later date.