Total Solar Eclipse 2019: Find Out Everything About The Spectacle


As per NASA, a total eclipse happens some place on earth about every year and a half.

Unlike in 2017, Tuesday's total solar eclipse will be not be visible to Robeson County residents. Luckily, there are a few incredible eclipses coming up right after this one.

As the Moon passes in front of the Sun tomorrow, it will cast a narrow shadow onto the Earth. As temperatures crash, there's an eerie 360-degree twilight.

"We hope this milestone will transform (our town) into a tourist attraction, so that visitors can come to La Higuera and take a picture where there once was a total sun eclipse", Mayor Yerko Galleguillos said.

The celestial event will be more hard to witness than the 2017 eclipse that was visible in the United States, since the path of totality is limited to a narrow strip of land in South America and occurs late in the afternoon. Studying the sun's properties during a total solar eclipse gives scientists a chance to improve upon our atmospheric equipment. Though technically it may be possible to see totality as the sun sets just south of Buenos Aires, that's a long shot because of the high possibility of cloud on the horizon in that part of Argentina.

This time around, the eclipse will be visible in South America and regions nearby.

As per reports, the rare celestial event will occur on July 2, 2019, shortly after 16:30 local time (1:00 AM IST).

However, the maximum time of four minutes and 33 seconds may be visible only to observers on boats and aeroplanes, as it will be happening over the Pacific Ocean.

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The eclipse is expected to make its first landfall in Chile at 3:22 p.m. (1922 GMT) in La Serena, a city of some 200,000 people where the arrival of more than 300,000 visitors forced the local water company to increase output and service gas stations to store extra fuel. Totality begins in La Serena at 4:38 p.m. local time.

In some parts of the world, there are solar safe binoculars available in the market.

A partial eclipse might be seen in different parts of South America, including Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador.

When is the next eclipse?

There are two kinds of solar eclipses: annular and total. Chile and Argentina! That's a celestial stroke of luck, although it will be southern Chile and Argentinean Patagonia that experience totality on December 14, 2020.

The telescope site is fractionally to the north of totality, and so the astronomer, colleagues and friends will be making a short drive to make sure they are in just the right spot. After that comes the "Great North American Eclipse" when the moon's shadow will streak across Mexico, the US, and Canada on April 8, 2024.

One should also not be adventurous and look at the spectacle with sunglasses.