The Strangest Things from the "Stranger Things" Marketing Campaign


According to WGTC, Stranger Things is going to end with its fourth season whenever the episodes land because the story can no longer sustain itself any longer with its young cast of children growing up as fast as they do.

Netflix announced that more than 40million households had watched the show in just four days since its launch.

Netflix hasn't always been sharing its viewing figures, however it revealed Bird Box broke its streaming records upon its release in January.

Season three of Stranger Things is streaming on Netflix now.

But Stranger Things is set to smash that out of the park, as it's achieved that in a fraction of the time.

That's higher than any other movie or TV show on Netflix after its first four days.

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"Stranger Things Monopoly" comes in retro-flavored packaging.

Though we do not see him in season three, it is a definite possibility his shady experiments involving Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) could have had something to do with the Russians.

Stranger Things has catapulted to the top of Netflix's United Kingdom charts in a busy week for new entrants.

If ya think about it, this makes sense, as the Byers family and Eleven moved away from Hawkins in the season three finale, and as we saw in the mid-credits scene, an American prisoner who could very well be the thought-to-be-dead Hopper is in a cell in Russian Federation with a Demogorgon very nearby.

Stranger Things Collector's Edition Monopoly will be in stores this fall for $39.99 and is now available for preorder.

Not only has the show been wildly successful for the streaming service, but the show's creators, brothers Ross and Matt Duffer, have pretty much already figured out what they want to do with season four. You can just hit play on the video above and watch the scene unfold in all its glory. It's their way of bonding, plus it even helps Dustin to anticipate the shadow monster's motivations in season two.