Stranger Things season 4 could go "outside of Hawkins"


Netflix marketed "Stranger Things" heavily on its own, too, with trailers for the upcoming season, billboards on the Sunset Strip, spotlights within the platform, and '80s-themed carnivals at Coney Island in NY and the Santa Monica Pier in California, among other efforts.

"Stranger Things" season 3 is a show worth watching, and season 4 can't come soon enough.

But the success of the return of "Stranger Things" was also due to a massive strategic marketing effort within Netflix, using brands like Coca-Cola, Nike and Baskin-Robbins to promote the show in channels like retail stores that Netflix itself could not reach.

The source, which should be treated with skepticism, is claiming that while the original idea was to get five years from the series, the thought now is to end with Stranger Things 4.

The fan theory is that the actor is posting Murray Bauman 's phone number, 618) 625-8313, in his posts, and that once it is complete, that address can really work, leaving an automatic character message to Joyce Byers to discuss Hopper's fate. "Audiences also resonated with this type of content more easily, which is precisely the most exciting part of the third season", Dou Ke, a fan of USA dramas living in Beijing, told the Global Times.

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'When I realized that I've waited for season 3 for two years and today I saw all the episodes for seven hours and also that I have to wait two more years, ' one observed in a meme. Brown took home $350,000 per episode, matching the salaries of her adult co-stars, Winona Ryder and David Harbour.

Of course, Joyce doesn't show up because she is busy investigating magnets. Every character's journey throughout the season concludes with no loose ends, and while some characters seem to be moving on to a brighter future, they'd be futures better left to a viewer's imagination than seen on screen. After switching from the child's perspective of the previous two seasons to the perspective of teenagers and even adults, the problems they face growing up may be more hard than defeating supernatural monsters.

Hot Topic Stranger Things Hopper woven button down. Where the first season succeeded in this method, Season 3 fails to follow it this time around. What did you think about Dustin and Suzie's NeverEnding Story duet?

Stranger Things 3, what a great season!