Stadia Controllers Won't Support Bluetooth Headsets At Launch


The information came during a Reddit AMA held by Google Stadia's Director of Product Andrey Doronichev, who clarified that the Pro subscription should not be seen as something like a Xbox Game Pass or an EA Access, but more like an Xbox Gold or PS Plus: 'The Pro subscribers get 4K/HDR streaming, 5.1 sound, exclusive discounts and access to some free games. Google confirmed that Google Stadia has its big launch in November, and it will have an achievements system like other platforms. Of course, we will have something similar to other platforms.

Hel also mentioned: "however, it will not be there immediately at launch".

While it's good to hear official confirmation that Stadia will certainly include achievements, it does come as a bit of surprise the service won't include them at launch -particularly so when you consider that Google Play Games already has a trophy system. As the months go on, you'll be able to add more free games to your Stadia Pro account as long as you remain a subscriber. Possibly, one of the most remarkable is the presence of Stadia Pro, service that for an additional extra will allow players to have access to certain advantages that users of the base service will not be able to use. Subscribing to Stadia Pro will be the only way to get free games on the platform. Unfortunately, there will be no free games offered on the free tier, although that hopefully doesn't include completely free-to-play games like Fornite. The first of those will be Destiny 2, in case you were wondering.

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Googles Stadia controllers would not work with Bluetooth headsets at launch, rather they would connect directly to the Stadia server using WiFi to help with the problem of lag while gaming. What do you make of Google Stadia Pro?

In response, Doronichev said Google is committed to making Stadia a success, but at the very least the company wants to allow customers to download any save files made over their purchased games. "Of course it's not going to be every feature we announced at our vision announcement at day 1".

The director also says that support for Bluetooth Audio will be coming to Stadia controllers in the near future.