Spanish court rules Julio Iglesias is father of 43-year old man


A judge in Spain has found there is sufficient evidence to establish that a 43-year-old man is the biological son of Julio Iglesias even though the singer refused to have a DNA test. The 75-year-old singer did not attend the trial.

But Osuna had argued a new trial was justified as they had "DNA evidence" brought from the United States by a detective.

Julio Iglesias and his family in 1975. The subsequent test and comparison with Javier's DNA showed that the pair were brothers.

Edite filed a paternity suit against Iglesias in 1992, but it was dismissed due to procedural reasons.

The judge in Valencia said there were enough clues to determine paternity, and cited Iglesias' refusal to "enable the collection of biological evidence" as one of the deciding factors.

But he ruled that Edna had provided "very concrete" information about the location and description of the chalet where Iglesias was staying when she says she had an affair with the singer.

"The ruling is based on the refusal (to take the DNA test), not on any other evidence".

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Santos and her son have fought a three-decade paternity battle with Iglesias.

Iglesias is known for his romantic ballads and a prolific love life that has always been fodder for tabloid headlines.

The Grammy-winning singer, who has sold more than 300m albums over a long career, is probably Spain's biggest worldwide star and sang at the White House at Ronald Reagan's Christmas party.

He has five other children with his current wife, Miranda Rijnsburger.

It was ruled that she had provided good evidence of her week-long affair with the singer at the time her son was conceived.

Iglesias was married to his first wife Isabel Preysler when the affair with is said to have taken place.

He has often presented himself as an unapologetic flirt with "an obsession for sex".