Pokemon Sword And Shield Have Exclusive Gym Leaders


It's absolutely not a return of the Mega Evolution mechanic that Game Freak abandoned in previous games.

Among the new Pokemon revealed in the trailer are Alcremie, a fairy type with a "sweet veil" ability; Yamper, an electric type that looks like a puppy with ball fetch ability; Rolycoly, a rock type with steam engine and heatproof abilities; and Duraludon, a steel dragon with light metal and heavy metal abilities.

According to a press release put out by The Pokemon Company, Gigantamaxing not only makes select Pokemon larger, but it also changes the way they look.

Gigantamaxing, like the already revealed Dynamaxing, grows your Pokemon to an huge size while beefing up their power. Three Gigantamax forms were shown, with Dreadnaw, Corviknight and the newly revealed Alcremie showing off their Gigantamax forms.

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Along with Gigantamaxing and new Pokemon, we also get some information on version exclusives as well. It also shows off Chairman Rose and his secretary Oleana.

Of course, along with version-exclusive Gyms, there will be a handful of Pokemon you'll only be able to catch in either Sword or Shield, and now we've gotten our first glimpse at a couple that will be exclusive to each version.

Pokemon Sword and Shield is launching on the Nintendo Switch on November 15. Unlike standard Dynamaxing, only certain Pokemon can Gigantamax, and their size as well as their appearance will be transformed. Additionally, Sword and Shield will have differing Gym Leaders, with the former featuring the fighting type Gym and its leader Bea, while the latter instead has a Ghost-type Gym, led by Allister.

What are your thoughts on all of this?