New Tactical Shotgun, Bolt-Action Sniper, and Combat Shotgun Nerf


In the early patch notes, it was revealed that update 9.40 would be introducing new versions of the Tactical Shotgun. The bug fixes are really needed so, that the players can continue to enjoy the game.

Fortnite v9.40 is here, and it came along with several changes to the game. It is fairly easy to find and will be available through floor and chest loot, vending machines, and supply drops.

Epic strives to make the event watchable for all Fortnite players so weapons will do no damage and players receive a boost in their health and shields right before start time. Headshot multiplier dropped from 1.7 to 1.5. The developer will also equip everyone with a jetpack so they can see all the action take place. Not only are players constantly searching for the very latest Fortbytes, but also waiting for the 9.40 update.

Epic and Legendary variants of the Suppressed Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle have also been Vaulted, while the Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle - Rare, Epic and Legendary variants thereof - has been Unvaulted.

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The Fortnite starter pack is one of the most economical and cost-effective ways to get cosmetics in the Battle Royale.

"Fortnite" v9.40 adds back the Kevin's Floating Island that players should now be able to use in the Creative mode.

Fortnite: Save the World also celebrates two years with special birthday-themed quests and a new hero, as well as a Birthday Llama.

Players looking to join the "Fortnite" tournament Xbox Cup for a chance to up to $1 million in cash prizes must also install this patch.