Microsoft introduces '1985 nostalgia' with Windows 1.11 app in team-up with Netflix


Microsoft is getting in on the hype around the return of Stranger Things, the popular Netflix show that debuted its third season last week.

In the app, you can explore the mysteries Hawkins, unlock unique show content, and also enjoy the mixed puzzle games with Stranger Things content. The company then celebrated the 10-year anniversary of its Redmond headquarters and the release of Windows 1.0. Old-school meets new-school in these 10 totally bodacious, premium 4k images, free for Microsoft Themes.

For once, we're hearing it first hand from Microsoft, who explains that it has discovered an issue with the Remote Access Connection Manager background service, relied upon by VPNs to... well... you know... work.

Running Windows 1.0 in 1985 required at least how much memory?

Microsoft's been promoting something called Windows 1.11 for a little while recently. Join Eleven, Steve, Dustin and gang as they seek to save Hawkins and the world. "Best of luck!", reads the game description on Microsoft Store.

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"It's basically the raddest show companion experience ever", Microsoft says. But fair warning: beware the Mind Flayer.

To be honest, the entire thing looks rather disappointing, with video and effects you would have never experienced in the actual Windows 1.11.

"Before we move forward, are you sure you're ready to go know where?. - / -.", Windows tweeted with a Morse code, which translates in to "July 8".

Unfortunately, the Windows 1.11 game can't be downloaded as of this writing, and we may finally get an official announcement on July 8. This "entertainment" category app weighs in at over 775MB (equivalent to approx 570 HD floppy disks), which is rather more weighty than the original operating environment which was a little over 500KB.

According to the source, the app will also have some behavioral changes.