Lotus unveils 1,972bhp fully-electric hypercar


Lotus, aiming to reestablish itself as a global engineering and sports vehicle powerhouse under its new parent, Chinese automaker Geely, is introducing a new halo, the Evija full-electric hypercar with almost 2,000 hp. While the performance figures are hypothetical at this point, Lotus claims a power output of 1,973bhp (or 2,000PS) and a top speed in excess of 200mph.

In this day and age, most discussions regarding electric cars focus on more traditional models which are created to be affordable to consumers around the world.

While its power source, developed in conjunction with Williams Advanced Engineering, is very much in tune with the future, its layout and weight distribution salute Lotus sports cars of yore, with a mid-mounted battery pack.

Say hello to the world's first fully electric British hypercar - the all-new Lotus Evija.

What does Evija mean and how is it pronounced?. If it will get there, Lotus would possibly possibly possess made be the lightest "pure electrical" hypercar in manufacturing.

Phil Popham, Lotus Cars CEO, and Russell Carr, Design Director, presented the striking two-seater EV hypercar to the audience.

The Evija, to be produced at the firm's factory in Hethel, eastern England, will have a limited production run of just 130 cars and will be built from 2020.

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Lotus notes that the Evija will charge to 80 percent from zero in just 12 minutes on standard 350kW chargers.

It can also reach 0 to 60mph (96km/h) in under three seconds, but Lotus sadly has not noted what the official 0-100km/h time is. The wheel itself is carried out in luxurious Alcantara (there's a leather-based mostly option too, fabricate no longer peril), with a mode controller within the steering wheel's center to swap between Differ, Metropolis, Tour, Sport and Monitor.

The pure electric four-wheel drive auto will also have 250 miles (400 km) WLTP range which is fairly standard in premium electric cars.

In terms of infotainment, the vehicle supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto but so do many run-of-the-mill cars so Lotus will also have a companion app to let drivers know their track information and, similar to Tesla, the cloud-connected Evija will be able to receive OTA updates. Lotus' Evija will judge 9 seconds to hit roughly 187MPH.

Lotus plans to build just 130 units of the Evija, with a price tag befitting of that exclusivity. A £250,000 deposit secures a production slot.

Lotus is known for its low-slung lightweight sports cars and the brand has attempted to maintain that trait despite the extensive use of heavy batteries.