Lin-Manuel Miranda geeks out on "His Dark Materials"


The film was poorly received, but HBO - co-producing the title along with BBC One - is coming off the success of Game of Thrones and has proved itself adept at handling dark and complex grown-up fantasy material.

Dæmons, for those unfamiliar with the trilogy, are one of the most unique and captivating parts of the His Dark Materials world. The series has no release date yet but HBO has teased that the series will be released sometime this fall. After only giving us a brief teaser previously, HBO and the BBC premiered the first full trailer at a Hall H panelfor their upcoming new series His Dark Materials, based on author Phillip Pullman's beloved trilogy.

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If you're unfamiliar with the series or it's just been a while, those animal companions - called daemons - are the physical manifestation of a person's soul. Lyra is gifted a special compass, powered by Dust, that allows her to ask any question and be given an answer.

The first season follows Lyra (Keen), a seemingly ordinary but courageous young woman from another world. James McAvoy portrays Lord Asriel while Ruth Wilson plays Mrs. Marisa Coulter, two characters who are entangled in a secret that Lyra stumbles upon that leads her to a journey across several realities. Lyra's search for a missing friend uncovers an evil plot involving stolen children and turns into a quest to understand a mysterious phenomenon called Dust. Together, they encounter extraordinary beings and risky secrets, with the fate of both the living -and the dead- in their hands. James McAvoy is on the scene hamming it up to 11, Ruth Wilson is out here serving lewks as a vaguely menacing antagonist, and Keen is still filled with the fire that made her such a breakout young performer across from Hugh Jackman in Logan.