Huawei Trademarks Harmony OS, Huawei operating system


Although he added this might change if the US blacklisting took another turn and Google's full-fat Android OS fell off the table once again-the company has recently secured a partial reprieve from the USA on blanket supply chain restrictions.

This prohibited the Chinese tech giant from using products like Android and Windows, which means that its new smartphones would have remained without an operating system to power them.

"We haven't decided yet if the Hongmeng OS can be developed as a smartphone operating system in the future". Some even went as far as to say that the experimental OS is faster than Android. Zhengfei said that HongMeng OS is more than a replacement for Android and isn't going to be limited to smartphones.

No matter what happens, however, Huawei wants to continue the development of its own OS, which means that regardless of the United States approach, HongMeng, Harmony, or whatever it'll end up being called, could replace Android on Huawei's devices.

Liang was also quick to add that his company still preferred to work with Google and Android to develop its mobile devices.

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In May, the US Commerce Department banned sales of American-made software and hardware to Huawei without obtaining its permission.

Retooling HongMeng OS for IoT to support its devices could be a solution to strengthen its ecosystem.

Huawei hasn't really been vocal when it comes to the name of the OS, however, a fresh patent application makes us think the brand is considering adopting the Harmony OS for the global market.

The trademark, which was filed at the European Union Intellectual Property Office, or EUIPO, on July 12, doesn't include any information, other than this is a mobile operating system. We've heard these comments before - including from Huawei Australia managing director Larking Huang - but it seems that despite Huawei's slowly improving outlook, Hongmeng remains alive and well.