Huawei’s CEO claims HongMeng OS is faster than Android


"Then the 170 countries and regions in which we now operate would stop buying our products, and our company would collapse", he told the Financial Times, according to CNBCTV18.

It's no secret that Huawei is building an in-house operating system that could see it cutting its reliance on Google's Android OS. "We, as an equipment provider, don't track any data" he said.

Those boasts came from Huawei founder and CEO Ren Zhengfei, one of the reasons for allegations of Huawei's cooperation with the Chinese government.

In a rare interview with a French magazine, Zhengfei says that its internally developed operating system, called HongMeng or Ark OS, is 60% faster than Android and more efficient that Apple's macOS.

In an interview with the Financial Times, the Huawei chief was quoted as saying "We will never do such a thing".

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Those have been the allegations hurled at Huawei even before Trump's administration but it seems that the U.S. government has no direct and irrefutable proof yet of the company's involvement in such activities.

"After that, who would pay the debts we owe?"

This was preceded by the US Department of Commerce blacklisting Huawei Technologies and around 70 of its affiliates, in a move that prompted several US corporations, such as Google and Microsoft as well as major semiconductor makers, including Intel, Qualcomm, Xilinx and Broadcom, to follow suit and sever ties with Huawei. Our employees are all very competent, so they would resign and start their own companies, leaving me alone to pay off our debts. The CEO of the company further said that despite USA softening ban on Huawei, they haven't given up on their Hongmeng OS development. "I would rather die", he was quoted as saying.

"They don't intervene in their business operations". The company's spat with the USA government looks to ultimately make it more self-reliant than ever - if HongMeng can compete with Android, that is.