Here's the victor of the Super Mario Maker 2 hamper!


To make matters even worse ( how could things get even worse, you may ask?) there's a timer set for 50 seconds so if the thought of this level doesn't give you a huge dose of anxiety, maybe the panic-induced "time is running out!" might just set you over the edge. Attendees can also purchase a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive item: a Metal Mario die-cast auto and glider. Before the plane took off, passengers noticed something a bit weird: all the airline attendants were wearing Luigi hardhats from Mario Maker 2.

It's the ultimate in 2D Mario games, and now, thanks to our friends at Nintendo Distributor SA, we've got a copy of the game to give away.

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Sugarfina: The luxury candy boutique will debut its new collection celebrating the Nintendo Entertainment System™ and Super Mario Bros.™ Power up with six character-inspired Candy Cubes®, including three new gummies: pineapple Invincible Stars, apple-flavored Green Mushrooms and cherry-flavored Red Mushrooms. Passengers on board were all gifted a code for the game as well. The collection hits stores on July 22.

Dr. Mario World's number of downloads and earned revenue over the first 72 hours pale in comparison to the performance of Nintendo's first two entries in the mobile gaming space over the same window. Keep an eye open for the Luigi and Gooigi figures. For more information about the My Nintendo rewards program, and how to check-in, visit The third installment of the fan-favorite series is a Nintendo Switch exclusive and will launch July 19. His interest in JRPG's, Anime, Handheld Gaming, and Pizza is insatiable. You can find him over on Twitter or Facebook.