Guy tweets video of plane engine failure just before emergency landing


A passenger recorded the "terrifying situation" moments before a Delta Air Lines flight was forced to make an emergency landing because of a compromised engine.

Almost 150 passengers on Delta Flight 1425 were headed from Atlanta to Baltimore on Monday when one of the aircraft's engines had a problem, the airline said.

The incident happened on board a McDonnell Douglas MD-88 aircraft, a 32-year-old, medium-sized plane with 149 passenger seats.

"It started slowing down a little bit and it was getting hot", passenger Avery Porch told WMAR-TV.

Logan Webb, a passenger on Delta flight 1245, which was scheduled to fly from Atlanta to Baltimore on Monday, posted a video on Twitter that showed a piece of metal clattering inside one of the engines after it came loose, next to a lit, orange spinning shaft.

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Tyler Kreuger, Porch's boyfriend, said that even though he had no service midair, he still texted his parents: "I love you".

The aircraft landed safely at Raleigh-Durham International Airport. Once it went, you had no doubt that it was major trouble and then seconds later smoke started filling the cabin in the back. "Everyone seemed confused. No one knew what was going on", the passenger said.

"Flight attendants were going around telling us how to prepare for landing". Delta said the engine had been replaced; the damage was being evaluated and no injuries had occurred.

About an hour into the flight, passengers described hearing a loud boom followed by "intense vibrations", smoke in the cabin, and a rise in cabin temperature.

The maintenance team in Atlanta, the company's main headquarters is believed to be set to take a look at the damaged engine. "They did say that the plane will now be retired".