Google has launched its New Messaging App in Beta Version


Now, this feature arrives at a time when there's news that gestures like these only work on system-installed launchers, like the Pixel Launcher or the default launchers in MIUI and OxygenOS. Since the Android Q Beta 5 has not been released yet, it is not possible to test out the new boot animation unless you are among the lucky few individuals who received the update early.

With this new peek behavior Google states that its aim was to make it so that users would be alerted to the fact that swiping would open the navigation drawer. One issue Google highlights is navigation problems that users have been having when they have a custom launcher installed. There's really not much more to it than that, but given the popularity of the feature in third-party launchers, it's likely to be a welcome addition. To counter this, Beta 5 adds a peek behavior. Since there's no home button to hold down anymore, the Assistant is now accessed by swiping from either corner of the screen.

On that same note, there's also a new way of invoking the Google Assistant.

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When we tried to use a third-party launcher on beta 4, we saw that gesture navigation mode was pretty buggy with a third-party launcher. People can likewise observe beta program accessibility/the link to leave directly on the Play Store by means of Android Police's own Toolbox for Google Play Store Chrome extension, additionally accessible for Firefox. We'll be working with our device-maker partners to include with their devices shipping or updating to Android Q.

From the video you can see that wherever you do the gesture, the bar will fall down as if youve pulled it from the top.