Google Boost Instant Camera Translation


Google's latest update of live translation has also added an "auto detect" feature, which will determine what language you're actually looking at, when you're not entirely sure.

Afrikaans, Arabic, Hindi, Malay, Thai and Vietnamese are among the 60 additional languages supported, bringing the total number to 88, in a bid to help more people travelling overseas. The ability is essential for travelers and others who may need to translate signs, menus, and more, and it just received support for a bunch of additional languages.

"Import" lets you translate text from photos on your camera roll. The technology - already in use in Google's Lens tool - is supposed to reduce translation errors by more than 55 up to 85 percent in certain language pairs.

The new feature will be a boon to foreigners visiting Vietnam since a majority of the population does not speak English fluently.

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Previously, you could only translate text to English but now users will be able to translate any language into any preferred language if it is available in Google Translate.

Anyone who has traveled overseas to a country where they don't speak the language is probably already familiar with the Google Translate app. The feature works even when your phone isn't connected to the internet, but can provide better translations when there's an internet connection. Now the instant camera translation will automatically detect what language it is in by tapping on "detect language" in the language source and then it will translate it to the language that you chose. Just point your camera to the text, it automatically detects the languages and translates to your language of choice. The flickering of the translated text has also been fixed. Earlier the translated text used to flicker on the screen, making it annoying at times but now as per the company claims, the flickering has been reduced to make the text more readable.

In a blog post today, Google outlined a few improvements specifically to the camera features in the app.