Floyd Mayweather Dropped During Charity Basketball Game


Former pound for pound boxing king Floyd Mayweather Jr was never put on seat of trousers in a 50-0 pro career, that was until his ankles were "snapped" by Larry "Bone Collector" Williams in a celebrity basketball game.

While playing in the 2nd Annual Monster Energy $50K Charity Challenge Celebrity Game, Floyd faced a super-difficult task.

During a charity basketball game, Floyd chose to guard ankle breaker extraordinaire Larry "Bone Collector" Williams and it ended with Floyd getting dropped.

But Williams did what Williams does best. There has been chatter about Mayweather potentially returning to the ring soon, however, the undefeated boxing legend seems to be enjoying retired life.

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The crowd erupted in disbelief.

He continued. "I don't think Lil Baby was talking about this dumb sh*t you bought champ".

It all started with Mayweather posting a clip in which he was showing off his money, jewels and a huge Chanel purse that was, according to him, a present from the late Karl Lagerfeld. Mayweather was guarding the streetball phenom known as Bone Collector. Last year, int he same tourney, he got stuffed by model and actress Brittney Elena.

The basketball match featured celebs Like Rob Gronkowski, Kyle Kuzma, Snoop Dogg, Rashad Jennings and Terrell Ownes. It also marked his 50th consecutive victory.