Fertility clinic sued for embryo mix-ups


The birth mother in NY believed she was carrying twins made from her and her husband's genetic material, the suit says.

The two babies were born March 31 to an Asian couple who thought they had twins.

When the Manukyans went to the clinic to undergo in vitro fertilization in August, they believed CHA was transferring their embryos into Mrs. Manukyan's uterus.

The lawsuit by Anni and Ashot Manukyan describes an alleged in vitro fertilization mix-up by CHA Fertility Center in Los Angeles that involves three separate couples. They were devastated when the process did not result in a pregnancy.

The couple said they believe that in August 2018, however, at least one of Anni Manukyan's embryos was implanted in the NY woman, resulting in the birth of their son.

Their lawsuit says the couple then discovered "much to their horror" that their son had been "implanted into a stranger that later became his birth mother".

Alec was six weeks old by the time they met him for the first time, an encounter that happened in the lobby of a hotel. Manukyan said through tears at a press conference in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

Mrs. Manukyan said Wednesday she has no idea who the fertilized egg belonged to and that she did not get pregnant. "Our goal as a family is to hold CHA accountable and make sure that no one ever suffers like we did". "Without our knowledge, CHA implanted our embryo into another woman", she added.

The lawsuit states that they learned something was off on April 11, when they were told to come to CHA Fertility for a cheek swab for a "routine quality control measure".

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"We relied on CHA to help us build a family and, instead, they robbed us of the opportunity to bring our own son into this world", Anni Manukyan said in a written statement.

Identified in court papers only as Y.Z. and A.P., the couple said they were shocked in March 2019 when they gave birth and realized that the children weren't of Asian descent, as they are.

On Wednesday, the Glendale couple announced a lawsuit to "recover their losses and to sue for emotional distress inflicted in what is one of the worst embryo-related tragedies in US history", the news release read.

The New York couple filed a federal lawsuit against CHA in Brooklyn last week. They said two embryos were supposed to be used and the third was discarded.

CHA declined to comment after the first lawsuit was filed, and could not be reached for comment on the Manukyans' suit.

In their legal claim, the Queens couple said the experience of delivering the babies and then losing them has left them with "permanent emotional injuries from which they will not recover".

They spent $ 100,000 in this clinic to get the appropriate treatment and medical care.

The couple is suing the clinic and two of their doctors, Joshua Berger and Simon Hong, alleging professional error, negligence, breach of contract and false advertising.

And that's not the only heartbreaking part of this for her: the Manukyans revealed that Anni was also implanted with the wrong embryo on the same day but miscarried shortly after.