Everyone’s sleeping on Amazon Music Unlimited


Streaming music in the United States is viewed by many as a two horse race between Apple Music and Spotify but as highlighted by a recent report from the Financial Times, it'd be foolish to count out the third place competitor.

Spotify continues to dominate the global music streaming industry, but Amazon is gaining momentum, adding subscribers to its own music streaming service at a faster rate than its rivals, which also include Apple and Google. "The number of people subscribing to Amazon Music Unlimited has grown by about 70 per cent in the past year, according to people briefed on its performance", it reported.

Mulligan said of Amazon's Music services, "People don't pay as much attention to it (as to Apple and Spotify), but it's been hugely effective". Amazon Music Unlimited is also less expensive than its rivals-$10 vs. $15 per month-and that price falls even further, to $8, for those with an Amazon Prime membership. Amazon Music Unlimited is only $7.99 per month for Prime subscribers. Throw in Tencent Music (28.4 million paying users for its online-music services at the end of March) and the total grows to more than 221 million from the top four players - with Tencent and Spotify yet to update their figures for the second quarter of 2019. Amazon's is the oldest user base, followed by Apple and then Spotify.

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Spotify are planning to offer a monthly subscription for RUB 150 (roughly $2.35) whilst Apple Music is avaialble for RUB 169 (roughly $2.65).

Ars Technica notes that the service's growth is helped in a big way by how widespread Amazon's smart speakers and Alexa devices have become.

"We're not battling for the same customers as everyone else", Amazon's Steve Boom confirmed.