Cardi B on Jermaine Dupri Calling Female Rappers ''Strippers Rapping''


The truth is, Jermaine Dupri's brand of non-logic has always been used by a certain kind of rap fan, not just to pit women against one another, but to demean rappers who use sex to help them sell. His response was pretty rude in that he couldn't choose a single favorite because they all "rap about the same thing" and remind him of "strippers rapping". The Atlanta rapper and producer recently sat for an interview with People, and he spent some time talking about Da Brat, the '90s rap star whose career he helped shepherd. 6lack returned fire saying, "sure, but "they all talkin about the same thing" ain't accurate lol. i got an wonderful playlist that i didn't even break a sweat to make". "I'm getting like, 'Okay, you bought a narrative about you dancing within the membership, you bought a narrative about you dancing within the membership, you bought a narrative about you dancing within the membership.' Who's going to be the rapper?" "First of all, I rap about my p--y because she's my best friend". Male rappers all rap about drugs, money and sex and they are automatically inserted into a top five.

Of course, he didn't put it this way because just saying that you're disappointed you fell off isn't the hip-hop way.

Since then, a number of other female rappers have weighed in, and hundreds of thousands of fans have also added their voice to the conversation.

After being asked about notable names such as Cardi, Nicki Minaj and Megan Thee Stallion, Dupri says that their message is repetitive.

His comments drew the ire of scores of people on social media, including rap sensation Cardi, who was formerly a stripper before landing a role on VH1's Love & Hip Hop New York and launching her music career in 2015.

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Dupri fired back with, "You right! they can talk about whateva they wanna talk about and I can have my opinion right?" which didn't endd there. "This is not what I was expecting, '" she continued.

"It's like, if that's what people ain't trying to hear, then I'm going to start rapping about my p**sy again", Cardi said. "Radio DJs, play these girls", Cardi pleaded.

Jermaine Dupri has just made a few comments that are sure to make more than a few people upset.

"These girls can rap they asses off and they don't rap about their vaginas and sucking d-".