Call of Duty Modern Warfare gameplay reveal


The 2vs2 gameplay is another multiplayer mode on the cards and it will feature 4 players against each other. Earlier today, they attempted to satiate the fans with a taste of some multiplayer, showing off their new 2v2 mode called Gunfighter.

In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, players will be thrust into an immersive narrative spanning the entire game.

Each team will also switch to the opposite side of the map every two rounds. The first team to win six rounds wins the match. Three maps will be available at launch: King, the interior of a warehouse; Pine, the outskirts of a dense forest; and Stack, a desert container yard.

That changes with the announcement of a new multiplayer game type coming in Modern Warfare, called "Gunfight". It takes three seconds to claim the flag, but if the enemy team wipes you out in those three seconds, they win. More often than not, the rounds will go into Overtime, so while the main objective is about eliminating the other team, the Overtime session will favor the team that knows how to defend control points. Players are given new loadouts each round and only have one life per round in order to make each round tenser.

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Our time with Gunfight was brief, but it was a blast. Infinity Ward then linked to four streamers now playing the mode live: CouRageJD, TylerTeeP, ProSyndicate, and LEGIQN. The mode is an excellent reminder of what gives Call of Duty's multiplayer its lasting popularity.

The unveiling of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's multiplayer universe will come on August 1.

This is taking place at 10:00 PST today, which is 18:00 BST (19:00 CEST), so tune in on Twitch if you're interested in playing alongside your buddy in this 2v2 mode this year.