Billie Eilish drops `Bad Boy` remix with Justin Bieber


This is stan goals, and you can listen to the "bad guy" remix below. After not-so-subtly hinting at a collaboration earlier this week, Justin Bieber and his true No. 1 fan, Billie Eilish, have come through with their first (and hopefully not last) musical alliance.

"Gold teeth, my neck, my wrist is froze (So icy)/ I got more ice than, than the snow/ That guy, don't act like you don't know/ That guy, so critical (skrrt)", the verse begins.

The management of the channel limited the video of Billie Eilish during childhood and before or after the children's channels.

Rumours of a Bad Guy remix featuring the Baby singer have long since swirled, and now the single has finally dropped.

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It's no secret that Billie has always been an outspoken fan of Justin Bieber.

Remember when you had posters of your favorite celebrity crush all over your bedroom? If there's anything else to cross off, after 'pop star' and 'fashion icon' on the list of all that Billie Eilish is, it'd be "a Belieber'".

The 17-year-old singer also shared the throwback image - which is the official cover art to the remix - to her own Instagram, captioning it: "BAD GUY FEAT". He's so sweet and, like, I feel - just, honestly, I feel for him, man.