Ankara Says Eighth Aircraft with Russian S-400 Parts Arrives in Turkey


Officials are concerned the Russian S-400 could be used to gather information on the USA fighter, potentially weakening the aircraft by exposing its stealth capabilities. North Atlantic Treaty Organisation is said to be concerned over Turkey's acquisition of the S-400 missile defence system.

Citing diplomatic sources, the TASS Russian news agency reported on Friday that Russian air defense system will be delivered to Turkey in three installments, saying the second shipment of the S-400 will take place soon, while the third batch, which comprises of 120 missiles, will be delivered to Turkey by sea.

Delivery of the S-400 long-range air and missile defense system is continuing as planned, the Defense Ministry said.

USA officials have claimed the Russian system would be incompatible with North Atlantic Treaty Organisation systems and expose U.S. F-35 fighter jets to possible Russian subterfuge. It has also said Turkey won't be allowed to participate in the program to produce high-tech F-35 fighter jets. He met with his Turkish counterpart later in the day.

Following protracted efforts to purchase an air defense system from the US with no success, Ankara signed a contract in 2017 to purchase the Russian S-400s. Top officials in the White House, Pentagon and State Department have stressed that the US could impose economic sanctions in response to the agreement. "Unfortunately, he has clearly made the wrong one", said the US House Foreign Affairs Committee in a joint statement.

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Worldwide relations can be quirky as Donald Trump considers President Erdogan as one of his steadfast allies and has made this evident in several ways.

The U.S. has strongly urged North Atlantic Treaty Organisation member Turkey to pull back from the deal, warning the country that it will face economic sanctions.

Even though delivery of the S-400 has begun, there could be potential wiggle room to avert a full-blown crisis. The American media reported that the United States put forward an ultimatum to Turkey - before the end of the first week of June, Turkey should break this agreement, otherwise the United States allegedly threatened to exclude Ankara from its program of delivery of F-35 fighters.

It was not immediately clear how harsh the sanctions would be or what industries they may target. The mounting diplomatic pressure is seeing Ankara push back, saying it will not bow to global pressure and as a sovereign nation, it has the right to buy whatever it wants from any country.