Amazon Working on High-End Echo, Alexa Home Robot


Sources familiar with the matter tell Bloomberg that prototypes of the speaker are wider than current Echo models in order to accommodate additional components including at least four tweeters.

A new smart speaker with better audio quality: Amazon's new Echo device will reportedly have higher audio quality than its existing speakers.

Audiophiles might take pause when considering Echo speakers as a streaming solution, and instead consider Google and Apple and Sonos.

Despite the ramp up in efforts to bring the robot to fruition, it's unclear whether Vesta -which is named for the Roman goddess for the home and domestic life - will actually make it to Amazon's product lineup.

Amazon has recently endeavored to improve the Echo's sound with changes and offered an independent subwoofer and gadget that links the speakers to a sound system. Amazon has reportedly pulled engineers from other projects to work on Vesta, as it readies it for release. Vesta is described as possibly being a mobile Alexa gadget, in that it could follow people to corners of their homes where there may not already be an Echo device.

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The Seattle-based company typically rolls out a slew of devices in the fall, but sometimes scatters one-off product launches throughout the year.

The robot was first reported by Bloomberg past year and was met with denial by an Amazon spokesperson who told the outlet that the company doesn't comment on 'rumors and speculation'.

Amazon's Scout delivery robot. It'll get around by using a collection of computer vision cameras, and Bloomberg's sources claim that prototypes come to about waist height, so it sounds like this has the potential to be a fairly large robot.

We reached out to Amazon, but a spokesperson said the company does not comment on "rumours or speculation".

Releasing a new version of the Echo that is created to take advantage of the better audio could help the company do just that, and Amazon could possibly make the service a part of its Prime subscription, which means people wouldn't have to actually spend any extra money on using it, they would simply need a speaker that was capable of meeting the hardware requirements to output the higher quality sound. The machine can be summoned by voice. I have no idea.