'X-Men: Dark Phoenix' Had Similar Ending To This MCU Movie


We've compiled a list of every major nod to either the other X-films or the X-Men comics themselves for your convenience and we encourage you to start brushing up on them.

While the cast of Simon Kinberg's Dark Phoenix has spoken about the similarities between the film's original ending and the ending of another recent big superhero film - similarities that were so extensive they required the final X-Men installment to undergo extensive reshoots - everyone has been coy about what that other superhero film was, as well as how Dark Phoenix's new ending sets it apart.

Now that Disney has a hold of the X-Men franchise, the series will likely be rebooted.

Historically, the franchise has performed well internationally, however with its $200 million production budget and a 23% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, it's not looking promising.

How tough was it to get Michael Fassbender to come back? Apparently, it was a little too close to another Marvel film - Captain America: Civil War.

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The X-Men are the founding fathers of the current era of superpowers and capes that now dominates theaters not just summers but year-round.

Additionally, this intimate ending was also similar to Captain Marvel, Simon Kinberg goes on to say in the same interview with io9. But for now, we'll proceed with the understanding that Dark Phoenix is a finale-and as such, it has its fair share of callbacks, Easter eggs, and references to send the series off. That's when Dark Phoenix is the strongest, when it's dealing with complex human emotions, not when it's trying to save the planet from aliens who want to take advantage of Jean and destroy the galaxy.

Dark Phoenix is now in theaters. His caretaker relationship with Professor X is the movie's unsung highlight: We know from their interactions in previous films that Professor X rescued Wolverine from himself and helped him find a goal, even though the cynical and surly lug never wanted to admit it. And Dafne Keen gives a rage-filled and emotional performance as Wolverine clone/daughter Laura, aka X23.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix had its fair share of rewrites, even in the middle of shooting.

If you're going to name a movie after an all-time supervillain, your take on said villain better be on point.