Witnesses More Deaths Caused By Measles Than 1992


- USA health officials on Thursday reported 971 measles cases so far this year, the highest tally in 27 years, and experts say it's not clear when the wave of illnesses will stop.

There were a total of 963 U.S. cases of measles in 1992, the CDC said.

Thanks to the spread of anti-vaccination idea in combination with religious beliefs, measles has experienced a notable resurgence. Cases began to drop, and they plummeted after the 1993 creation of a federal program providing vaccines to children whose parents or guardians can't afford them.

The CDC warned if outbreaks continue through the summer and fall, the US risks losing its measles elimination status, warning should that happen, "that loss would be a huge blow for the nation and erase the hard work done by all levels of public health".

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported 60 new individual instances of measles in Monday's update, bringing this year's tally to 940. Each year since, the number of measles cases confirmed in the U.S. has jumped considerably.

A loss of this status "would be a huge blow for the nation and erase the hard work done by all levels of public health", the CDC said. In the United States, before widespread use of the vaccine, an estimated 3 to 4 million people got measles each year, including 48,000 who were hospitalized and an estimated 400 to 500 who died, many of them children.

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The World Health Organization reports that more than 82,500 measles cases across Europe were reported last year, a significant surge from the previous year. Outbreaks in both New York City and Rockland County have been raging for almost 8 months, thanks primarily to disinformation spread on the non-existent "risks" involved in vaccination.

Authorities declared measles eliminated in the USA in 2000, a goal set in 1963 with the introduction of the vaccine.

"CDC encourages fogeys with questions about measles vaccine to hunt the advice of with their child's pediatrician, who know the kids and neighborhood, and desire to encourage fogeys better know the intention vaccines can defend their kids", the assertion acknowledged.

The CDC earlier this week had reported a total of 940 cases of measles.

NY has been the largest contributor to this year's unfortunate milestone with almost 700 cases of measles reported this year in the state.

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