With iOS 13, You Can Know Where The Apps Tracked You


Well, even if you're not a developer or aren't planning to install the iOS 13 beta on your iPhone, you can still go ahead and use the brand new wallpapers.

According to a report by 9To5Mac, iOS 13 allows users to view data in the form of a map which shows where all a particular app has tracked your location.

Don't panic if you can't see iOS 12.3.2 showing on your compatible iPhone or iPad, due to the high volumes of users trying to download the software, things might be a little slower than usual.

The screenshots show the location data tracked by the Tesla application as well as the Apple Store application.

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If you're running the latest iOS 12.3 mobile operating system on your iPhone 8 Plus device, you can now update to the iOS 12.3.2 release by opening the Settings app, accessing the General section, and then the Software Update area. In addition to this, the prompt message has two options to choose from - Change to only while using and Always, letting you decide whether or not you wish to share your location with the apps. For iPads, Apple has now introduced iPad OS which will offer features of iOS 13 along with extra features only for iPads.

9to5mac say that iOS 13 will also allow users to set apps to have access to location services "just once", instead of "all the time", "never", or "background only".

From the pop-up window, we can continue to provide access in the background to the indicated application, or change to "only grant permission while it is being used", or to deny them directly.