Waze just inherited one of the best features of Google Maps


The integration of Google Assistant within Waze has been anticipated by many.

There are plenty of legitimate reasons to not take the specific route given to you by Google (such as unexpected congestion that the app is unaware of), but giving a passenger an early warning of any changes could still be very helpful. Then, Why does Google not merge Waze with Google maps. The Assistant will support all the useful features of the app such as calling out for potholes, checking for alternate routes, traffic jam alerts and many other more.

Google Maps was started as a C++ desktop program by the Danish brothers, Lars and Jens Eilstrup Rasmussen, which was later acquired by Google in October 2004.

Beginning from today, Google Assistant for Waze is rolling out for Android users in the Country. It's also limited to Android phones, so iOS Waze users are out of luck here.

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On sensing a wrong route, the feature would not re-route the driver, but send alerts on the users' phones.

Apart from this, Google is also launching a new Driving Mode this summer. From there, you'll be able to control whether the dark theme is enabled always, never, or choose for it to follow your system settings.

Waze has been such a popular app due to its crowd-sourced traffic data that can make a whole difference while you are driving. It will help you keep your hands on the wheel and not get distracted by tapping on all the things you used to on the Waze interface. The company is now testing a safety feature that lets users know if their cab has gone off-route, reported XDA Developers. To help with that, Google Assistant is heading to the Waze navigation app, Google announced on Monday.