Ubisoft shows off Watch Dogs: Legion


Ubisoft has officially announced Watch Dogs: Legion, the sequel to 2016's Watch Dogs 2, and the third instalment in the Watch Dogs franchise. With a luke-warm reception to the first two entries in the series, Ubisoft hopes to really impress fans with their newest entry, Watch Dogs Legion. Players will be tasked with building a popular resistance by recruiting Londoners from across the city with a variety of skill sets. Watch Dogs: Legion is scheduled for a March 6th, 2020 release for the PC, PS4, Xbox One and Google Stadia. Permadeath is confirmed, and upon Ian's death the player is taken to a team menu where they switch to another character, an older lady called Helen, who has access to a spider drone that she uses to help infiltrate and take out a New Scotland Yard police station near the London Eye.

The gameplay footage of Watch Dogs Legion that was unveiled at E3 showed the player switching up between multiple recruited characters, that includes a classic ex-spy, a sassy robotics expert, a bare-knuckle champion, and a sweet retired assassin, among many others. Your objective is to recruit as many people you can to the resistance to ultimately overthrow the tyrannical system.

Who do you play as?

"The UK has become a surveillance state and freedom has been replaced with fear".

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Ubisoft has a habit of denying its games are making political statements, despite obvious content and themes saying otherwise.

The E3 2019 show floor still isn't open yet, but the press conferences are still going strong, with Ubisoft set to take the stage at 1 PM PT / 4 PM ET on Monday, June 10th. In Watch Dogs: Legion, the city is controlled by Albion, a private organization in charge of the "security". At least, we were not supposed to see them, but a few leaked ahead of the conference.