Trump confirms 'safe third country' plan by stepping up Mexico asylum returns


In step with the Journal, Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard stated this week that it is seeking a multilateral resolution to the disaster, and can fair originate up working with several United Nations companies starting up effect next week.

Mexico published the document Friday that Donald Trump earlier flaunted as a secret deal to curb migration, but denied it had capitulated to the U.S. president's demands for a so-called "safe third country" agreement.

Luis Carlos Cano, a spokesman for Mexico's national immigration agency in Ciudad Juarez, across the border from El Paso, said starting Thursday some 200 asylum seekers per day were being sent back, up from 100 previously. Ebrard said during a press conference.

Remain in Mexico now in operation in Tijuana, Mexicali and Ciudad Juarez.

The agreement has put Mexican officials under mounting pressure to deliver results.

"We still have the (tariff) ultimatum hanging over us, and on top of that we gave up the most precious jewel: we agreed to safe third country", he said. The head of Mexico's National Migration Institute, Tonatiuh Guillen, resigned on Friday for "personal reasons", an interior ministry official said. Asylum seekers who first set foot on Mexican soil would have to apply for refugee status in Mexico instead of in the United States.

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The June 7 deal would require migrants titillating to the border by Mexico to search asylum there, and for Mexico to name modifications in home legislation to place into effect the agreement, The Wall Road Journal reported.

"Mexico will try very unheard of, and within the event that they close that, this will also be a actually winning agreement for both the USA and Mexico!"

Details of the side agreement come after the White House and Mexico City reached a sweeping immigration deal on June 7.

"This isn't fair a Mexican self-discipline, not fair a peril for El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, it's one of the vital greatest migration flows within the world", he stated. But the joint statement sent out by the State Department did not mention trade, and the Mexican ambassador to the USA dodged a question about trade in an interview last Sunday.

But Ebrard and leftist President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador also have to convince the Mexican people and Congress they did not get shafted in negotiations with the Trump administration.

Per a joint declaration issued by the Issue Division and Mexico last week, Mexico will indulge in "unheard of steps to create bigger enforcement to curb irregular migration, to encompass the deployment of its Nationwide Guard throughout Mexico, giving priority to its southern border".