Scary news for 1.4 billion Apple iOS users!


The firm, which has taken to Twitter to advertise its premium solution, says it can extract pretty much every little bit of information stored on iPhones or Android phones, including data from third-party apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, and others.

Israeli company Cellebrite, known mostly for its iPhone unlocking solutions offered to governments worldwide, claims it has developed new software that can break into any phone out there running either iOS or Android. According to the firm, the system is designed for law enforcement agencies and will allow them to increase "chances of finding the incriminating evidence and bringing your case to a resolution". Smartphone manufacturers need to be quick to roll out security updates before companies like Cellebrite gain the resources to exploit into their devices.

The tool is claimed by Cellebrite to support (which in this context means hack) the widest range of devices in the industry.

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If the thought of the security on your smartphone being bypassed fills you with concern, keep in mind Cellebrite requires access to the physical device, markets its tools at law enforcement agencies, and charges for access to them. This was the same iPhone that Apple said they could not unlock due to the fact that too many attempts had been made to unlock the phone.

Their biggest challenge and what they became famous for was helping the Federal Bureau of Investigation to unlock the iPhone 5c from the San Bernardino case, something that Apple had totally opposed. This time around the company has claimed that they have the tool to unlock nearly every iOS and Android device and the tool can extract data from roughly 8,200 advanced devices as of June 2012.

Cellebrite is proud to introduce #UFED Premium! The tool promises "access to 3rd party app data, chat conversations, downloaded emails and email attachments, deleted content and more". The service, which was created to help law enforcement in unlocking and extracting data from locked iOS and Android services, will be sold as an "on-premises tool", which means that the police will be able to buy the hacking device and then use it by themselves, however they want.