Mohamed Morsi dead: Egypt's first democratically-elected President DIES IN COURT


Egypt's ex-president Mohamed Morsi, who was ousted in 2013 following a popular uprising, died on Monday in Cairo after suffering a heart attack during a trial session in an espionage case, according to Egyptian state TV. He reportedly fainted and died during a break in the session.

Morsi, who was affiliated with Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood was elected president in 2012 in the country's first free elections following the ouster a year before of longtime leader Hosni Mubarak.

Several hundred innocent civilians were brutally killed by the army immediately after the coup had ousted Morsi.

Morsi's body has been transferred to an unnamed hospital.

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"He was speaking before the judge for 20 minutes then became very animated and fainted".

Since his overthrow on 3 July 2013, his former defence minister now President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has waged an ongoing crackdown targeting his supporters from the Muslim Brotherhood with thousands jailed and hundreds facing death sentences.

A court in Egypt had sentenced the deposed Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi to death for over a mass prison break in 2011.