Madden 20 will include signature animations and X-Factor abilities | E3 2019


Along with Face of the Franchise, the Cruz also noted that older features, such as the Pro Bowl, will be making a return this year, along with the Coach Mode. Additionally, there will be some tweaks to gameplay that will make superstar players standout even more, and some new challenge scenarios to unlock new stuff and improve stats. This will allow Mahomes to launch the ball 80 yards. Superstar X-Factors are also the only way to acquire these zone abilities.

For Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes, for example, completing four passes of thirty yards or more will unlock his exclusive "Bazooka" ability, which will increase his max passing distance by fifteen yards. This gives him a huge advantage when being guarded by a lower rated defender in single coverage, increasing his chance of pulling down deep throws. Madden plans to update playbooks and animations during the regular season, so if you see a wild new play, it might be coming to Madden 20 thereafter.

Other new features are the addition of the RPO-run-pass options-new signature animations, and more formations ripped from the playbooks of National Football League teams.

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This year's game promises a host of improvements from last years version, including further graphically improvement, better AI players to further improve authenticity, as well as better control indecisive movements, and generally enhanced physics. This can also be reversed so the passing options pop back up, which can be combined with the improved pump fake pass options.

Other stars like Aaron Donald, Alvin Kamara and Madden regular JuJu Smith-Schuster also had their X-Factors and Zone Abilities highlighted.