Let’s tree again: Macron offers Trump replacement ‘friendship’ oak


Despite chilly relations between Russian Federation and France over the Ukrainian crisis, the leaders of both countries maintain cooperation.

The tree, from Belleau Wood in France where nearly 2,000 American soldiers died in a World War One battle, had been dug up not long after it was planted.

French President Emmanuel Macron has confirmed the "friendship tree" he presented as a gift to the White House past year has died, and that a replacement is on the way.

The two men planted the oak sapling in the White House grounds a year ago.

Trump and Macron planted the tree with their wives watching on but it was not in the lawns of the White House for long as it was soon placed in quarantine due to national law regarding the potential introduction of parasites.

It died in quarantine after being dug up.

However, while speaking with RTS, Macron said its death should not be seen as a symbol for French-US relations.

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"We will send him another", Macron told RTS when asked about the tree.

At the time, Gerard Araud, French ambassador to the U.S., said the tree would be replanted following its time in quarantine.

Now it appears the oak did not survive its time in quarantine.

US officials this weekend said it had died prompting a flurry of social media posts comparing its death to the hard relationship the two leaders have had since that visit.

The two leaders have recently disagreed on approaches to trade and a nuclear deal with Iran.

"Over 9,000 American marines died in the Belleau Wood battle in June 1918 and the forest is a memorial site and important symbol of the sacrifice the United States made to ensure peace and stability in Europe", the White House said in a statement in 2018. "The United States of America is never greater than when it shows its loyalty".