Kevin Durant Planning to Play in Game 5 of NBA Finals


In the 34 times a team has gone down 3-1 in the NBA Finals, only one team has ever managed to overturn the defeict an win the series - the 2016 Cleveland Cavaliers who made history against Curry's Warriors.

The Toronto Raptors are leaving the Canadian anthem up to fans for Game 5 of the NBA Finals on Monday night.

The forward has missed the first four games of the Finals and also missed the entire Western Conference Finals following a calf injury he suffered in the second round against the Houston Rockets.

More than a month later, the Warriors are desperate for his return to the lineup having lost consecutive games at Oracle Arena after splitting the first two games of the series in Toronto.

Kevin Durant's condition is being scrutinized on a minute-by-minute basis and understandably so. Warriors head coach Steve Kerr sounded optimistic about Durant's chances to suit up Monday. But, Durant at even 60 or 70 percent would provide a big boost to the Warriors, who have looked lost without him at times against the Raptors.

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Kerr was asked if he had any reservations about Durant's ability if he is ultimately cleared to play.

"He will be very welcomed, I'll tell you that much, " Warriors guard Klay Thompson said. "He's doing more today, and then we'll know more after that", Kerr said, according to ESPN's Nick Friedell.

Toronto Raptors fans can't stop cheering for their team recently.

Kevin Durant is back for the Golden State Warriors.