Huawei obtains 46 commercial 5G contracts in 30 countries


Industry and Information Technology Minister Miao Wei said: "After the issuance of 5G licences, we will continue to welcome foreign companies to actively participate in China's 5G market, seek common development of China's 5G and share the achievements of China's 5G development".

China Mobile, the largest Chinese telecom operator, said it planned to offer 5G services in more than 40 Chinese cities before the end of September.

China " s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on Thursday announced it will grant 5G licenses for commercial use of China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom and China Broadcasting Network.

Beijing-based Xiaomi March said it would introduce China's first 5G phone in May or June. "Granting four 5G licenses is conducive to fostering rational competition and investment in the market".

According to market figures from industry group GSMA, China is expected to become one of the world's largest 5G markets by 2025 when it will be home to 460 million 5G connections, or 28 percent of the country's total mobile connections.

The technology's commercialization might generate 10.6 trillion yuan (about 1.53 trillion USA dollars) worth of direct economic output and over 3 million jobs from 2020 to 2025, according to a report by the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT). In markets like the USA, operators often only focus construction on urban areas where profits can be more easily made.

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India, however, is yet to take a call on whether it intends to place curbs on Huawei or allow the Chinese telecom equipment maker to participate in the upcoming 5G trials, that are scheduled to commence in 100 days. But Huawei equipment is either totally banned or restricted from the 5G rollouts in all of these markets except South Korea.

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MediaTek responded that it will provide the latest technology and fully support the domestic 5G commercial deployment.

Huawei has signed a draft agreement with the African Union that includes cooperation in 5G communications. "The action by China to accelerate 5G licensing does not remove or alleviate this risk".

A latecomer in most of the previous mobile communications technologies, China has seen leapfrogging development in 5G technology.