Huawei is putting ads on its smartphone lock screens with no warning


All you have to do is head over to settings and change your lock screen wallpaper to any custom image, one that is not a part of the stock set of wallpapers included in the phone, also known as the "magazine unlock" background images.

While Huawei hasn't officially spoken about the matter, its customer support team has mentioned that ads are shown because of the app.

According to Android Police affected devices include the P30 series, P20 series and overseas the Honor 10. They've been spotted in several countries - including the UK, Netherlands, Ireland, South Africa, Norway and Germany - and on various models.

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One Reddit user posting in the /Huawei subreddit said Huawei "first blamed a third-party app" and then the app, although the Reddit user claimed to not have it installed. The ads start appearing for users who have left the lockscreen wallpapers enabled. You can also get around the issue by not using Huawei's Magazine lock screen wallpaper, but that's a bit of a frustrating solution. To back up its argument, Huawei talked about a similar issue that hit the Samsung phones a year ago.

Amid dealing with the USA trade ban, Huawei found some time to cause itself another headache, and decided that the best thing to do to win over the hearts and minds of its loyal customers was ... to display unsolicited advertising on their expensive smartphones. For instance, Amazon is known for serving ads on Prime-exclusive phones, but in return, users get a discount on the phone as well.

This latest incident of lockscreen ads comes as another bit of bad news for Huawei, which has recently been blacklisted by the US government. Xiaomi has placed ads on its phone at times, but this is listed in the company's Terms of Service that device owners may see ads from time to time.